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8 easy homemade burger patty TIPS (+Cheddar sauce)


When making a homemade burger patty, there’s no such thing as a recipe. If we had one, it would look like this: ground the meat, season, and fry.

See? Looks like no big deal. While actually, instead of 3 steps, there are 8 of them.

Suppose you wish to make the juiciest and most delicious homemade burger patty. In that case, you have to think about everything from how the animal was fed to the last minute of patty resting.

8 Easy homemade burger patty TIPS

1. If you wish to make the best homemade burger patty, ground the meat by yourself

Okay, I’ll skip the step about animal feeding cause that’s another huge topic, but let’s stop at the butchers.

Grounding the meat by yourself gives you the advantage of knowing what actually is in there.

In a supermarket, you can see two options: ground meat and chunks. The ground meat label says what in there is, but I’m not sure you’ll be satisfied with the answer.

Buying a chunk means you know what is in your homemade burger patty. It means you can choose from tender and tougher meats. You can pick different fats, which will determine your patty flavor as well.


If you go to the butcher’s shop to buy the ground meat, you can trust that it will be good more often but don’t forget to ask them questions like what is in there, how the animal was fed, etc.

At a good butcher’s shop, they’ll know the answers.

But at the supermarkets, you can’t actually know what is grounded, and neither the staff knows that. What they’ll say will be that it is pork and beef. That’s it. So choose carefully.

2. 80/20 percent fat ratio is the best

Have you ever heard about the Pareto principle? It specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes.

It seems that this rule is correct not only in the financial world but also in the culinary world.

20% fat causes 80% burger flavor.

30 percent is too much. It makes greasiness. 10 percent is too little. The meat is too tough, with less flavor and juiciness. 

Consequently, 20 percent of fat in your patty is a sweet spot. I highly recommend achieving that.

Even when you’re frying the patty, try adding butter. You will notice how much flavor and richness it brings to the homemade burger patty.

3. Do not overwork grounded meat

Do you always want to mix the meat very well? And if you add some caramelized onions or garlic, you have to combine it well too?

Yes, you need to combine it well, but you never should overwork the meat.


So next time, do it fast and leave the meat alone.

4. The portion of the homemade burger patty

The size of a normal burger patty should be 100-150g.

Of course, if you make mini hamburgers or really huge ones, the portion will change, but I’m talking about normal size.

And don’t try to make a super thick burger cause it will be complicated to eat, and I’m pretty sure you’ll burn it because it will take time to fry it.

5. Make a pit in the burger center

Sounds strange, right?

But actually, making a pit in the center helps the burger patty keep its form while frying.

I don’t know why it works yet, but it really does. 

burger patty hole

I worked at a restaurant where we were making burgers every day. We had an issue that after frying/grilling, it’s not a round burger anymore, so this trick helped.

6. Season heavily

Believe me, it won’t be too much. You didn’t add the salt before shaping, and the patties are thick, so be generous. 

And no, it’s not better to mix the salt into ground meat as it would draw out the moisture, and you would ruin the grounded structure, which makes the burger juicy and tender.

7. Frying the burger patty

First of all, if you have an iron pan, I highly recommend using that. It retains heat better than any other pan and creates an even more nice caramelized layer.

Fry the burger patties on both sides for about 5 minutes until nicely golden-brown.

I also suggest treating it the same as a steak. 

Remember that FLAVOR = TASTE + AROMA.

So bring it in! Butter, fresh herbs, garlic. Add all that awesome stuff to the pan while frying. Tilt the pan, and base the burgers. You will be surprised by the effect!

homemade burger patty

8. Let the homemade burger patty rest

Give it at least 5 minutes, please.

While resting, the temperature, as well as moisture and all juices, in your burger will distribute evenly in all parts.

Maybe you noticed that all the juices escape when cutting the steak right after taking it from the pan. But if you wait for a little (5 minutes!), juices stay inside.

Pay attention to the temperature!

When frying a burger patty or any other meat piece, the highest temperature is on the exterior, with the lowest in the middle. So those 5 minutes equalize it, and internal temperature becomes higher.

If you took the burger out from the pan at 63°C internal temperature, after 5 minutes, it would be 66-67°C. That’s how easily you can overcook the meat as well.

Learn more about working with the meat:

chicken burger

I hope I explained everything clearly. However, if not, write me or comment, ‘Meda, what kind of bullshit is this and that?!’

I promise to answer.

I haven’t made up these tips. Everything is from my experience and the books I read. Therefore I’m sure each of these tips will work perfectly.

To finish, down below, I prepared for you an awesome cheddar cheese sauce.

You may ask, ‘Why should I make a sauce when I can simply melt the cheddar on top of my homemade burger patty?’

This sauce is especially creamy and more flavorful because of the cream cheese and double cream, which brings more richness to the sauce. You will never eat a hamburger the same old way again. Give it a try!

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Cheddar cheese sauce for your perfect homemade burger

Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Uncategorized
Servings 6 servings
Calories 300 kcal


  • 200g cream cheese
  • 200g cheddar sauce
  • 200g double cream
  • a bit of water ( to prevent burning)


  • Get a saucepan and a heatproof mixing bowl that will sit stably over the pan. Half-fill the pan with water and bring to simmer. 
  • Place a bowl on a saucepan, pour all ingredients, and stir everything constantly until everything has melted and combined.
  • Wait for the bubble (it means it’s safe to use), and pour it on your burger.


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