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I am very happy that you are here and that you wanna hear my story. But before that, I want to make something very clear.


Before I talk about ME, I want to ask YOU some questions:

  • Have you ever felt frustrated about not knowing what to cook for dinner, breakfast, lunch? Desert?
  • Have you ever felt stressed when looking at new recipes and seeing that it is trickier than usual?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have imagination and you are definitely not a creative person?
  • Have you ever looked at the same product’s diversity at the supermarket and thought, ‘what the hell is the difference between them all’?
  • Have you ever got mad because you failed the recipe and you had no clue why this happened?
  • Have you ever wanted your food to look and taste as good as at the restaurant? Or maybe feel and taste more like home?

If you answered YES to one of those questions, you’re at the right place. I’m here to help YOU.


My name is Meda (Meda Arlauskaite). I am a Lithuanian girl trying to reach her culinary mastery. Believe it or not, but 4 years ago, I thought about becoming a civil engineer or an architect. 

I even knew which university I want to go to. It was the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. You can check it out if you wish to, it’s very good looking.

4 years ago, I thought there is something so fascinating about buildings that I took physics even though I didn’t like it. I tried to do my best, but there was always something inside that said I’m bored and I don’t really want this.

I loved looking at the buildings, imagining how I do my own projects. And I always loved building something with my own hands (though I’m not patient to finish it) and mathematics (and I still love it!).

Doing those two things, I do forget what’s happening around me and concentrate. It’s like relaxation for me.


I hate drawing. Very very honestly, I hate it. 

And somehow, the day came when I started questioning myself, is this really what I want? Will I really be happy doing that? Does this suit my character?

The answer was no. So I decided to choose THE CULINARY ARTS and become a chef.

And during those 4 years, I realized one thing.

Building something or mathematics doesn’t motivate me to wake up at 5-6am, but cooking does. 

Especially bread making. The whole process is fascinating.

I could wake up very early in the morning, cook the whole day, and go to sleep at midnight, and that is absolutely fine for me.

Yes, it is very tiring. Most people say that I look very grumpy while doing that, but that’s because I’m concentrated. I’m always in a process and trying to do my best. 

But I love it. I’m happy, and I don’t know where else I could be.


Right now, I am living in London and working at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair as Chef de Partie.

It is an amazing and iconic seafood restaurant with a team of the most creative and dedicated people. 

Here I have an opportunity to learn from two of the most amazing chefs I know. They are Tim Hughes and David McCarthy.

Honestly, I still can’t believe I’m working here. It’s crazy!

Of course, like everybody else in their learning paths, I fail a lot. But I am very thankful for these people who understand that without mistakes, there is no progress.

Don’t be scared to make mistakes here as well.

Before moving to London, I worked in two restaurants in Lithuania. They are Hinters Inn Fresh Buffet and Picolla Italia. I had only one year of restaurant experience.

And no, I didn’t go to a university or a culinary school. I have a different approach.

I want to learn from the restaurant’s actual work and books. You would not believe how many great teachers I meet!


Very very honestly. I don’t remember when and how I decided to learn culinary arts and choose exactly this path. I just don’t.

The only thing I know is that I always loved cooking, and I am always seeking explanations. Without explanations, cooking for me is plain & bland.

I’m only in my 20ies, and I’m still learning. I will be learning my whole life. But my goal is to help you look at culinary arts and cooking at home from ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE.

There are so many secrets, so many techniques, so many questions and answers.

For some people, food is just a thing to stay alive. But for me, and I hope for you too, it is an ART

And I want to share this art with you. I want you to understand it as well.

It is not enough to look at the painting and ask an artist for instructions to make the same one. No. There are some deep secrets that you have to REVEAL, LEARN & PRACTICE.

And only constant learning and practice makes things perfect.

This is why I started this blog. 

I want YOU to be artists as well.


The blog creator

I am very happy that you are here! I am passionate about cooking. I hope you too cause I believe food brings us joy and smiles to our faces.

Here I will teach you culinary art and answer all WHY & HOW questions.



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